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Data analysis for wind energy prospecting

Industry standard methods to transform publicly available raw data into information for wind energy prospecting.

Making Data information

Wind measurement data means raw data. Openwind uses the raw data to create an easy to use map linked to local site information. Each site has a dashboard to provide easy to understand statisics for the site and the available data. Use this to begin a feasibility and economic analysis to decide if your site is suitable for a wind energy project.

Detailed reports are available to aid in wind prospecting

A full measurement analysis is possible for all measurement sites and calculated studies available for entire Germany.

The Method

Data Collection

The Deutsche WetterDienst provides decades of wind data from more than 400 measurement stations across Germany. The measurement resolutions vary, we provide a limited amount of the hourly measurement data in our basic dashboards. Analyses of longer measurement histories and higher resolution data are available.

Data clean-up & Quality Control

Each site is controlled for gaps and other failures in the data sets that can cause problems in the analysis. Changes in station height are accounted for in the projection of the wind speed to hub height.

Logical Dashboard

Using the quality controlled data, a logical dashboard is provided with the necessary statistics for judging the feasiblity of a site for producing wind energy.

The Goal

Provide easy to use information to customers interested in preliminary wind turbine siting based on verified data.